Syscooling ART31 water cooling coolant resrvoir transparent T virus reservoir with RGB light

Artículo No.: ART31
In/out: G1/4 thread
Tank Length:190mm
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Parameters of art31 metal virus water tank

Name: Metal Virus Water Tank
Color: Gold, Silver,Red, Blue, Green
Inlet and outlet: G1 / 4 thread
Net weight: 530g
Color metal upper cover
Transparent acrylic water tank

Function:For PC water cooling cooling system or other various industrial equipment and electronic chip cooling

Acrylic material
Fine production technology
The central transparent tube body is made of modified temperature-resistant transparent acrylic material
Do stress removal treatment after machining,
The tube body can withstand the water temperature of 100 ℃ for a short time without deformation and cracking.

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